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Christmas At Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Dinner Attraction

I was very impressed with Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Christmas program in Branson Missouri. First it started out with a holiday preshow featuring juggler, Tuey Wilson, who gave us an hour of entertainment before the main dinner show.


Then we entered the arena where 1,100 visitors piled in rows to watch an old fashioned Christmas spectacular. Inside, the room was divided, the north pole in green and the south pole in red. The visitors on both sides rooted for their color by stamping their feet and waving their arms. Waitresses, waiters, and the performers on the floor were also dressed in either green or red outfits. The emcee, who guided us through the show, was able to nicely bring it all together. He had a fantastic deep and clear voice.
The horse riders did impressive tricks like jumping through fire rings, standing on one or even two running horses and much more. It was apparent that to get this good at riding horses they had practiced thousands of hours and you also could tell the animals were well cared for. In one event talented lumberjacks competing with each other climbing trees, sawing, chopping wood and trying to stay on a rolling log in a water competition. There was a funny little pig race. I don’t know how they were able to get these pigs to run around the track into the finish line. There was a fantastic Magic Of Toys scene where the Sugar Plum Fairy brought the toys in Santa’s workshop to life. The beautiful Nativity portrayal included Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, as well as the three kings riding up on camels, donkeys and sheep scattered about. It was perfect for the holidays. St. Nick also arrived with a sleigh full of presents. There was an event where two men from the audience participated in a horse shoe event using toilet seats rather than horse shoes. In another event four kids from the audience chased chickens across the field into a finish line. The winners were awarded ribbons. One part of the program had a girl come down from the audience. She got in a barrel on one of the three wagons. Magically she appeared in the barrel of one the other wagons on three different instances! All the events were entertaining.
My group sat back about 3 rows from the front. We had an excellent view of everything. The dinner was very good. Everyone had the same meal. It consisted of:
· Tender whole rotisserie chicken
· Hickory smoked barbecue pork loin
· Corn on the cob
· Creamy Soup
· Potato half
· Biscuit
· Apple turnover
· Soda, tea or coffee
The food was all very good. I especially liked the rotisserie chicken and the creamy soup. The potato I liked the least, there was not much flavor to it. We did not have any utensils so it was somewhat messy eating and it made it hard to clap your hands greasy hands. Our waitress did give us a warm wet towel at the end to clear our hands.
The waitress did a fantastic job of bring out all the food and refilling the drinks. When we were finished she gave us doggie bags for any extra food we did not eat and collected the plates and glasses.
At the end Dolly Parton appeared on a big screen sang and wished us all Merry Christmas. The show lasted around 90 minutes and everything went smoothly.
Christmas shows run through January 4th, 2014 and the new regular season production fires up February 21st. For more information, check availability or to get your tickets, click here. [hyperlink:]


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