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Boston Whale Watching Cruise

If you are looking to go on a whale watch, then the Boston Whale Watching Cruise is for you. I went on it this last summer and it was excellent. It offers a comfortable ride and gives you the time to view whales. It lasts about 3-hrs. You can view it on a high speed catamaran. The cruise is narrated and guided by an excellent naturalist. She studied whales of New England for over 20 years and she knew here stuff. She had to be one of the most informed guides I have ever seen. She explained in detail all her knowledge about the behavior, migration patterns, and conversation status of the whales.

The whale we saw was the humpback. They have an average length of around 50 feed and can you believe it 35 tons. Yes, they are endangered and the ship we were on was very careful not to get too close and hurt the whale.

The whale watch was exciting and very educational. You are guaranteed to see a whale or you get the next trip free.

The catamaran has three outside decks for the best seeing possilble. The inside cabin has air conditioning and cushioned seating offering snacks and drinks for purchase. These ships are fast and the most comfortable ships to view the whales off Boston's coast.

When you go you should bring shoes with rubber soles like tennis shoes so you don't slip on the deck. Also bring a light coat or sweater even if it is going to be a warm day. It gets cold out on the water sometimes.

So if your are interested in whales you should go on one of these trips. Below is an illustration of what a Humpback whale looks like. If you would like to know more about the humpback whale that we saw go to:

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